Best Earbuds Under 100 – Top Choices

Earbuds are popular as they are the portable headphones, which are easy to carry. Overhear headphones usually mess up the hair and some people don’t find them comfortable to wear, so here we are with best earbuds under 100. Yes, they are not very expansive but can help you to listen to music of your choice. A verity of earbuds is available, but our focus is on best earbuds under 100.

  • 1 More Triple – driver In – ears
  • It’s not a famous company, but it’s a popular choice, when it comes to earbuds. It is called triple driver in due to the presence of three drivers. It also has a tiny mic and a remote as well. You can control the volume and enjoy one of the best earbuds under 100, although some users are not happy with the buttons.
  • Sony MDR – EX 650 B
  • Sony is an old name in sound industry. They have launched a new line of earbuds called Extra base, which is designed specifically for the low-end lovers. The hosing is very small, which makes them easy to carry.
  • Shure SE215
  • Shure is not a new name in industry, this company comes with lot of experience. The cable is very strong and durable. The wire is detachable too, you can easily replace it, in this way they can save a lot of your money too. However, there is no mic and remote so you have to pay extra money for them.
  • Focal Sphear
  • They are known for the clear sounds. They also offer a small mic and remote, saving your money. The design is very modern and the sound produced is very clear.

These are our picks for best earbuds under 100, they are not expansive but offer good results. You can also try one of them according to your preferences.