Samurai Sword – Used For Different Purposes

BladesPro is the representative of the Japanese culture. It was evolved over a long period of time and Japanese people are still making them to preserve their history. In this advance era, when samurai swords are not used in wars, they have different other purposes and the quality of the sword is associated with the purpose.

  • Decoration: the decorative samurai swords are usually low in quality. They are created just to display them in houses and offices. You can find them in low price and they are available in attractive colors.
  • Investment: Many people buy them just for the sake of investment. They love to keep the samurai sword collection and if they find an interested person, they are sell a piece or two to make their profit. These people try to buy good quality products to make more money.
  • Practical: samurai swords are used by the martial art trainers and the students. They are used in movies and fighting tournaments. They are expansive as compared to decorative ones, as they are manufactured for use. Proper balance between blade and sword is important for practical use and the quality of blade is also very important in this regard.
  • Collection: These are high quality Samurai swords. The most expansive swords, as they are created by the skilled craftsmen. Every aspect of Samurai sword is perfectly kept in mind in making these swords and they are the true representatives of the traditional swords. True collectors of samurai swords will buy these swords only, no matter how expansive these are.

These are different types of samurai swords and their uses. If you want to buy a sword, you need to decide your budget first. Samurai swords are available in different prices, make sure you buy a quality product per the price you are paying. Buying best quality in low price is the success.

Rise and Success of Sequoia Capital India

Sequoia Capital made its entry into Indian market in 2006, much before Snapdeal and Flipkart became giant ecommerce portals. It was by way of acquisition of Westbridge Capital Partners as the new company s named Visit. Since then, this venture capital firm has invested in more than 100 companies that include Micromax, Zomato, and Ola. It has grown into a behemoth itself with a voracious appetite to invest in start ups, especially those in the world of tech and internet.


Sequoia Capital India was the most active VC firm all over Asia in summer of 2015. This was revealed by CB Insights when it released a ranking of the prominent VC firms operating in Asia. Sequoia Capital India invested in consumer delivery company Grofers, another grocery app Peppertap, and finally in Urban Ladder, an online furniture company. In this period, the 2nd and 3rd tank were snatched by VC firms like SAIF Partners and Accel Partners. Sequoia Capital China languished at 7th position in this list.


Sequoia Capital India raised $400 million in 2006 and $300 million in 2007 to become the first Indian venture capital firm to touch the ceiling of $1billion. It chose to invest more than $11 million in a microfinance company called SKS Microfinance in 2007. The company did not look back since then.


Even though Sequoia Capital is labeled as a VC firm mainly focused upon tech and internet companies, its Indian arm has invested money in companies in diverse sectors of economy. It has invested in healthcare, finance, consumer delivery, beauty, personal care, and kitchen apps. But tech remains the first love of the company and its investments in companies like MobiQwik, ZoomCar, and Voonik being prime examples of this love affair.



Although journey of Sequoia Capital India has been an unqualified success, the company has had to exit from 12 of the companies it chose to invest in the first place.


Gorilla Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow Tent – A must have Family Space

Camping has been a very popular activity these days, most of the families are nowadays more into camping because this turns out to be a very healthy and entertainment filled activity of all times. The concept of gorilla grow tent has been flowing a lot these days and these tents are enriched in numerous such facilities that make the experience of camping an amazing one. One of the most commonly considered tent in the context of gorilla grow tent is none other than the frame tent.

Frame tent is basically a kind of tent which is suitable for families and is spacious to spend time in a comfortable manner however, when it comes to this kind of tent there are numerous strengths and weaknesses as well.

Strength of Frame Tents

  • When one goes for gorilla grow tent, the frame tent style caters a large number of people at one time. This kind of tent is ideal for big families who need to spend some quality time at a picnic like place.
  • These kinds of tents are far much sturdy, in every regard, there are huge and strong poles which keep the tent intact for a longer period of time hence the risk of falling off of tent is minimized.
  • This kind of frame tent is also associated with privacy as well; one may have a choice to adjust two or three rooms being a very spacious place.

Weakness of Frame Tents

  • These tents are not easy to handle, they take a lot of time in setting up and also numerous efforts are required.
  • This kind of Gorilla Grow Tent Packages – Upto 20% Off  is quite expensive and for one time camping is something that takes a huge impact on your pocket
  • This tent also takes a huge space and is also heavier in weight so, this could be something difficult.

All these factors provide for the way one may think of having tents and the pros and cons associated with these tents.