Elf Names: Get as many as you want

Did you know you can choose a name for your elf that is based upon your own name? Yes, this is the beauty of elf names generators that have sprung on internet these days. You can also choose to get 10 random names if you do not want to make any effort. If you do not like any out of these 10, click once again and the website comes up with next 10 names. This goes on until you have finally found the perfect name for your elf in the video game.


What is it that makes elf names so different and interesting? None of the names you encounter in games and on these name generators are common or sound familiar to ears. But they fit to your elf in the game like a T because they are chosen on the basis of lineage or attributes of the elf. Of course they are gender based to get a name that suits your elf whether he is male or female.


Elves are known to be great fighters as they have control over their emotions they remain calm under all circumstances, and this is why they are able to take a decision that is best according to a given situation. Another thing about elves is that they dislike other races. They are uncomfortable in their presence and generally like to remain among themselves. But they are known to work for other races for their own survival. They may not like their master but they are fiercely loyal to their masters.


No matter what the gender or age of your elf, you are sure to get a nice name for him that describes him well using these name generators. Amuse your friends in any online MMORPG  by choosing a great name for your elf.