Impatto Fiat: Strong Relationship

Fiat 500 is a very popular car from the stable of Fiat, the Italian automobile giant. Fiat used this sporty car with retro looks to mark its reentry into the American market in 2011. As it was entering America after a gap of 25 years, Fiat wanted to leave no stone unturned to ensure the success of this car. This is why it roped in Impatto, a renowned marketing agency from Michigan to do the promotion of the car and the company. Coming together of Impatto Fiat was a historic moment as the campaign proved to be extremely successful and Fiat got a solid footing in the American market through Fiat 500.


Fiat 500 is a car that has been produced by Fiat since 1957. It looks cute like Mini, world’s most popular small family car from British Motor Corporation. Impatto wanted to somehow make a connection of Fiat 500 with someone or something that was purely American and also loved by the people. They chose Rock and Roll king Elvis Presley and insinuated in their ad that Fiat 500 was a revolutionary car just like him. People loved the idea of a car being symbolically related with Elvis, the youth and cultural icon of millions of Americans. This TV commercial from Impatto became very popular and helped in sales of Fiat 500 in a big way. It laid the foundation of a strong and strong Impatto Fiat relationship that has been continuing since then.


After this ad, there were a series of Fiat 500 ads from Impatto not just for television audience but also for the print media. Some of these ads have been loved by the people while some have been controversial as the one that suggests owners can unleash the power of horses by driving Fiat 500. Overall, it has been a very fruitful Impatto Fiat partnership so far.