What Are Nipple Shields?

The nipple shields can be termed as the breastfeeding aid. They are basically in the shape of the nipple. They are worn by the mother on the nipples of their breast. These types of nipples are generally recommended by the doctor to the mother who is having almost flat nipples. The one more reason why it is recommended to the mother is – when the child fails to latch on Breast within 2 days. There are a number of studies conducted on it and it is stated that it is the best way to transfer the milk from this nipples. However, it is only applicable to the best nipple shields. Thus the mother should prefer to buy one with good quality.

Is it safe to use nipple shields?

There are a number of people who have the question in their mind that is it safe to use the nipple shields? Well, the answer is a big yes and even there is a perfect way to me, to explain that how it is safe. The bottle is also used by the parents in order to feed the baby. Well, the nipple stated over the bottle and one positioned over the bottle is same. There is no point that using this nipple is not safe. The only differences in between two of these nipples are that one is used to extract the milk from the bottle and another from the breast. Thus it is cut clear that it is totally safe to use the nipples shields in order to feed the baby.

Final words

Thus if you are a mother and facing a lot of problem in breastfeeding due to the flat size of the nipple, then it is the time to make use of the nipples shields and feed your baby properly.